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The Home Depot Names Mark Holifield as Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

ATLANTA -- The Home Depot has named Mark Holifield as senior vice president, Supply Chain. Holifield will report to Tom Taylor, the Company's executive vice president, Merchandising and Marketing. Holifield will be responsible for the Company's inventory management, transportation, domestic distribution and international logistics operations.

Holifield will join the Company in mid-July. He will replace Marvin Ellison, who was promoted to president of The Home Depot's Northern Division in January.

Holifield has 29 years of experience in supply chain, logistics and transportation. He joins The Home Depot from Office Depot Inc., where he served as executive vice president, supply chain management. In that role, he was responsible for the operation of Office Depot's global supply chain, including inventory management, distribution, transportation, delivery and supply chain development.

SOURCE The Home Depot
8.7.06 15:11

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