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The Home Depot Store Management Team

As part of the store management team at The Home Depot, you’ll have the opportunity to manage a multimillion-dollar business and lead a staff of hundreds to drive sales and deliver excellent customer service. But leading a The Home Depot store means more than just supervising the staff -- you’ll take an active role in operations, specialty sales, merchandising and human resources. This means understanding the local market and creating a store that appeals to the market’s needs – including excellent store appearance, in-stock and quality merchandise, and great customer service.

The Home Depot could never be what it is without our managers. They’re the people our associates and customers look to for answers, guidance and direction. Plus, with extensive training programs, over 2,000 stores and $80 billion in annual sales, The Home Depot provides the opportunities you need to grow your career. If you think you have what it takes to build and manage a team of dedicated individuals on a mission to be the best, then consider joining our team and apply online today.
25.2.09 20:11

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